The Sofi flash is getting along real well. Fallow made a menu and a preloader for it now, so it should be in a releaseable state! I'm just awaiting a few re-recordings of some moans (They didn't really fit, and were a bit annoying).
A final control check after that and ye, might be golden to go.

I've also contacted a VA about doing Zara's voice for her part, since I can't get in contact with the old VA. Which sucks, because I really liked her take on Zara. I'm gonna have to re-animate Zara's mouth completely, wee-hoo...

Well, right now I'm working on Rock n' Raz 12 when I can. Can't really tell when it'll be done, but sometime this month for sure.
Posted 11th of February 2020 - 13:43 by
Rock & Candy Entertainment or Rock & Candy industries.
I love the effort you put into your projects
Ojala pudiese colaborar, pero siempre apoyo su trabajo
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Take your time, you will get faster with experience, or you will make better games in the same time ;)
a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed one is forever bad. relax and go at your own pace man. we can wait.