Welcome to RockCandy.se and to the About page. You've come here because you are curious or have questions. I shall try to satisfy both of those with this page. So let's not waste any time and get right to it! ABOUT... ...The whole "No Frontbutt" business. Before you ask, "What's a frontbutt?", it's a direct translation of a nicer way of saying vagina in swedish. Yes, I'm not to fond of that particular entrance. I just find the thing wholly unattractive. I can understand the appeal behind it, but it's just so gross that I can't find myself enjoying it. I just find the ass so much more attractive and interesting. Sure, you might think "But poop comes from there!", but then again, lots of filthy stuff comes from the other two usual orifices too. This is cartoon porn. Not everything has to be realistic, that's the whole appeal of it. Please. It's just a personal preference. I've learnt to tolerate cartoon frontbutts now though, so I'm not througholy disgusted by such things anymore! Well, I don't know if there's anything else to explain about the situation, so let's move on. ...Donations & Commissions. Two common topics. I don't like taking donations, as I don't really need or want money. The same thing goes for commissions. I don't want or need to do them, because I've already got so many of my own ideas to work with. If I was to start doing commissions, I'd have to meet someone else's standards and expectations. I can barely live up to my own, so doing work for someone else who, usually, have no experience with flash who changes his mind about ideas and features halfway into the project would be really complicated and frustrating. I'd feel bad for not working on it constantly, which is another reason. I just don't do well under such conditions. Please respect my choice, and do not ask for commissions or to donate. I've recently came up with what I think is a good solution for this dilemma, though! If you want to donate money or commission flash or art from me, why not ask a third party? Ask someone who does commissions to do whatever you want, and then send it to me. You don't need to ask me for permission to use them or something like that. Then you don't need to mind my tastes and limits. Because I'd rather take an artpiece than money. Don't worry about the content in your piece, I've recieved so much various pieces and even if I don't personally like them, I still upload them in case there's other fans that would like to see it! I guess this is most prominent with the vagina thing, so if you really want to have your character impregnate poor Zu, that's your best chance! So yeah, don't be afraid to let your ideas flow. I wont judge you! (Too much.) You'll be happy, because you'll get what you sought! I'll be happy, because I'll get fan art, which I value higher than money! The person who made the piece will be happy, because he gets money and free advertising! And the people browsing RockCandy.se will be happy, because they'll get more content to watch! It's a win/win situation! Well, at least if what you want involves my characters or work in anyway. Otherwise, you're out of luck. Sorry. That's my view on the subject. I hope it makes sense! ...Art Trades & Collaborations. I sometimes do art trades. It can be fun to draw someone else's character in perverse situations, so I'm open for that! Though, I usually want to get to know the person a little first, so I don't lose contact or get ripped off! So I don't mind art trades at all! I'm happy to do collaborations as well! Flash collaborations mostly, but also drawing/coloring work. So if you are interested in doing some sort of collab with me, don't be afraid to ask! I might not be able to at all times, but I'll keep you in mind! And if you're an actionscript coder or something along those lines, I could need your help too. I can't code on my own, because I'm stupid when it comes to numbers, which makes me a bit limited when it comes to extra features and similiar content. Sound editors, musicians & voiceactors and actresses are also welcome! Especially voiceactresses, hoahoa. Together we can make a good flash, I believe! So never be afraid to ask! However, if you're gonna ask me to let you help out in any way, without really having a skill... Please don't bother. I've had several people ask me to let them help out with "anything". It doesn't really help me at all, because I don't know what I can ask for and I don't know if I can trust you if I do ask. ...Flash and Animations. I always have my head full of flashes I want to do. I get many great ideas from people all around on me too, so ideas just pile up on me. I don't have the time or skill to make them all, which is very frustrating! I'm also rather slow when it comes to working, because I've got a lot of things that distract me! Therefore the time it takes between each flash is finished can be rather lengthy. I'm sorry about that, but I don't like forcing myself to work or rushing projects. On the other hand, I always work on several projects at the same time. Some are meant only for mastorbatory needs, some are for comedy, practice or just letting loose with something different. So I've always got something to work on! I often get the question or request to make an animated series with my characters. Which is something I'd love to make, but lack the skill and resources to do! I'm not really good at making scripts or creating good pacing and athmospheres. It's a shame really, because I think it's something that there's a lot of potential in. As for the content in my work, I usually take inspiration from requests around the site, other people's work and my friends. Most of the time, if it's something dumb or laughable, it's more likely to get in or referenced. I kind of work like that, I like it when it's not too serious but still works in sexy situations! I choose character and scenarios on what I feel is lacking at the moment. I always want to try new things, and I feel like I have improved a lot since I first put out that terrible flash on 4chan's /f/ board long ago! ...Me and RockCandy.se in General Time to write a little something about myself and about the site, I guess! I'm in my twenties and am currently jobless and schoolless. I live in an apartment where my close friend helps me out with surviving. I have Aspergers, or as we like to call it, "Asspie", so I can't take care of economy and other such complicated things on my own! It might exlpain my fascination of butts a little, perhaps! Anyway... From my own experiences, I can say that it's really hard to act out like my normal self in social situations. I can't start up conversations, or keep one going very well either for that matter. I stay quiet and try to escape to somewhere I can be alone and do whatever I want. But I can be myself around friends, at least! I have a few, strong interests and I tend to look down on other interests even if I don't mean to. I enjoy loneliness, so I'm not looking for any girlfriends or whatever. I've tried a few times, but I couldn't really get into it. I can't really "love", I can just emulate the feeling. I know I'm not a very great artist, but I do try my hardest. I've never taken art classes or such things, I learnt things on my own. So it might be a bit flawed. I guess I don't want drawing to become a chore, yet I still want to improve. I'm also kind of awful at coloring, because I'm colorblind. Not black & white colorblind, mind you. I just can't see the differences between colors that easily. Light green blends into yellow or orange, dark green can be dark blue, purple, black. Red can blend into brown and green, etc. It's not very fun to do coloring works when you can't tell if it looks good or not. I have to ask other people all the time. I don't make any money from my art or flashes either, I make them all becuase I enjoy it and I think it's fun. I feel if I'm going to get paid for making it, it's just gonna take away the fun, and it's gonna become a chore. I have no business sense either, so I try to stay out of money related stuff. I just want to do stuff my pace, and if people like it, that's great! I want life to just flow on, if ya know what I mean! I guess I'm a little lazy, and I don't take seriously very often, but that's what works best for me! Other than drawing and making flashes, I mostly play games and listen to music. I need music to stay active, I don't like when it's too quiet! When it comes to music, I tend to stick to gaming music. To be more specific, I listen to remixed Touhou music. There's so much different remixes that covers almost every genre, so there's a lot of difference even if the songs covered are the same! My favorite arranger is dBu Music when it comes to Touhou. If not Touhou music, it's EarthBound music. Not as popular, but the OST is so great it makes up for the lack of remixes. The only non-gaming music I listen to regurarly is music from a swedish comedy & musical group called Galenskaparna & After Shave. They make great, catchy music and arranges that also variate greatly in genres. They're also comedic and genial in their lyrics, so it's not easy to stop listening when you start! As for games, I tend to stay towards Nintendo. My favorite games are probably EarthBound, Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Brothers. I play Touhou from time to time as well. I don't play much other games, but I'm willing to try new games if I get the chance. If I play games too much I'll feel bad because I'm not working on flash or other projects! Well, can't really think of much else to write here... So that's it! ...My Characters and Granköping. I really think dearly of my characters, so I constantly try to put them into things I do, as well as updating and developing them as much as I can. Even though I'm close to them, they're all rather new. I've had way many different characters through my life, I don't know why these turned out to be my favorites. Maybe it's because I could do all things of perverse things with them! I put a lot of hard work into them, and I have made countless of changes to them throughout the years. It's very hard to keep them interesting and fun, so it's very nice when people take a liking to them and makes fan art and fan fictions of them. Even if it's just a bunch of perverse fantasies, hoahoa! I like reading those too! They live in a fictional city named Granköping, and you can read about them here on the site. Though, their bios are probably not up to date, I'll try to update them whenever I can. Even if I put a lot of effort into creating a believeable character for all of them, I tend to simplify or make some changes to them when I make anything with them that doesn't relate to their canon storyline, so to say. It can happen when someone else with characters of their own want to create a relationship with mine. Mostly through this thing called "roleplaying", which can be interesting at times! I've made some images based off of such things, because of the unique scenarios that can unfold through them. The people who've written fan fiction about my characters are the main reason I've wanted to make improvements to them. People like The Storyteller, Guodzilla and Dragon Soul are a big inspiration to me when it comes to writing. If it wasn't for them, I'd probably not have as fleshed out characters as I do now. ...Rock n' Raz. Sometimes, we at RockCandy.se stream games for our and your pleasure! Mostly Nintendo games, but if we get ahold of something else we'll stream that too! We're pretty fun when together, so do check in when we do! However, since Raz is a busy person, the streaming has become rather sporadic. You can find our channel here: www.twitch.tv/rocknraz I suggest subscribing to it if you want a message to pop up whenever we start our stream. I always put up an embed in an update whenever we start, but they can be easy to miss since they're not always planned ahead. We've been trying to find somebody to make highlight videos of our streams, but to no much luck. So if you'd like to give a helping hand with that, don't hesitate to send us a message! ...Contact and Sending Fan Content. Now that you've read all that, maybe you're feeling like you want to contact with me and tell me how much you hate me or how much we have in common. Or maybe you wonder how and where you send in your fanmade material so it appears on site! Well, I'll tell you! I am pretty much only active on Skype since MSN died. I don't like it, but it does most of what I need. I don't have any social media stuff. If you feel like you want to become friends or make art trades or collab or roleplay or whatever you want that requires instant messaging, you should add me on Skype. My Skype name is: crystallizedsugar Funny, aint it?! Hoahoa. As for you who only want to ask a single question or something that's just a once in a lifetime thing, send an email. This goes for you who want to send in Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Fan Flashes or anything else you've made. Send an email to: Rockcandy.se@live.se It's my email for site-related business, and I'll try to answer any emails I get. So if there's anything that isn't clear or that I didn't cover here, send an email. I might overlook your comment on the site, so it's safer to send an email. And if you don't get a reply, perhaps your email went into junk mail. If that's the case, post a comment in the guest book that you sent an email and I'll look into it! Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll enjoy my past and future work for what they are! Stick around if you want, I'd appreciate it!