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Latest news
Hi all, I've finally finished up the missing outfits for Ellie!

Ellie Gardening Outfit
Ellie Winter Clothes
Ellie Swimwear
Ellie Painting Outfit

That means I'm done with all of the characters' outfits! Now I'm going to try to put some info about 'em on there so they serve as a summary of who they are as well.

The Zu part is coming along well. It looks like this now, and I consider this finalized.

I'm working on drawing the dicks now, so that's going to be what I'll spend this coming week on.

The Zara part is coming along pretty well. There are still a few glitches that need fixing, but we've already fixed a lot and made small improvements to how it runs and sounds.
Even if it is just a reskin of a reskin of the old April's Fools flash, I'm positive this new spin on it will make it seem almost as new. Haohoa!

If I manage to finish up all the dicks by sunday, I'll make sure to show 'em off. For now, I'm heading to bed!
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