Thanks to all who wished me happy birthday! I appreciate it!
As usual my birthday wasn't anything special. But I'll celebrate it later next month at riddarveckan with my dad and a bunch of friends!

And ye, I'm a bit late because I forgot that yesterday was sunday until I went to bed and I was too tired to get back up again...

Well, Sofi flash is still in the coding process. I've taken on a few more commissions and finished a few, but I'll probably take a break and see if I can't do something else soon. Gets old doing the same thing for a long time!

Anyway, here's the ones I finished!
Tentacles Laying Eggs, Zu, Zara and Ellie are being used by tentacles.
Nut Creature (or Cat-tle), Ellie is getting milked and dicked by horses.
Dragon Toy, Zu breaks her old record in how large her belly can become.

Hope you enjoy 'em!
Now I gotta jump into bed, 'cause it's past 5 in the morning! Grah!
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