The paper I ordered that was of the same brand and sort I already had online turned out to be the same awful paper I bought earlier. Rough and terrible, so now I'm stuck with 4 blocks of unusuable paper. Great. Now I'm not sure how to even get the paper I want. Very frustrating. I sketched some small things on the space left in the old block, but I can't really do anything elaborate. Blegh.

Well, I've made good progress on Sofi's eyes instead.

Might stream some of that during the week if I figure out a plan.

Anyway, that teen Ellie I drew seemed to be liked by many, hoahoa. I even got a piece of fanart of her!
Teen Ellie sketches made by Radavaris!
Teen Ellie 1
Teen Ellie 2

Thanks much!

Well, that's it for today. I'm hoping the rest of the eyenimations won't take too long. I think I've covered the main parts, so there's mostly various reactions left... Not sure how much of that'll be needed. I'll have to figure it out as I go. Good night to you all!
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If you want quality paper. Try traditional Japanese paper. "Washi paper".
Me gusto mucho la sincro de voz que tenda este proyecto, aun me da latima no poder aportar algo para ayudar a sus futuros proyectos
Am always looking forward to monday! Watching your projekts evolve, and stunning drawings, simply makes me happy :)

Godnat, vil se frem til mandag ;)
Good night to you too! Those are some nice sad eyes.