Yesterday I was so into the groove of animating cumshots and cleaning up lines to make it look smooth and fluid, I forgot it was sunday. Sorry about that. But I'm at least getting close to possibly getting out a demo of Zoo's part of the horse project. I'm not sure if I should show it before or after I can get her voiced. She's going to be completely expressionless if before, but animating in facial expressions and lipsyncing is quite timeconsuming! Which ever I decide to do, at least I'm getting closer to finishing it. And then only the Zu/Zeta part remains. And the Ellie bonus scene, but that's got low priority! I've had a good amount of time to plan out the Zu/Zeta part at least. My previous attempt was so bad I am ashamed to even show it off. But we'll take that when we get there. Yes.

Anyway, as exciting as these demo releases and near-finishing of the next are, it takes a lot of time away from drawing and getting other content out. I've neglected my schedule of Monday-Friday flash work, Saturday drawing and Sunday free choice for some time now, but I think I need to go back into it. Mostly due to the failure to get that Lollo flash out. However, it's still very close to finishing as well! I've received a few updated demos of it from Mittsies over the last few days. There's glitches up the ass, but he's slowly but surely smoothing things out! Doesn't help that it's a memory hog like most my projects turn out... Takes long time to save, long time to export and it's prone to crashing! And I'm only afraid all of the horse project parts are going to wind up the same... But unless the Lollo flash, these ones won't have as much randomness and voiceclips going on in them. So it'll be less of a mess to code (I hope). Mittsies has been busy during the weekend though, and I'm not sure when he'll be able to continue, but you should know that things are moving at least.

Before I go, have a drawing I manage to finish: A follow up that Bitch Breaking Foundation fanfiction! There's no story along with it, but I made up my own follow up where Ellie turns into the foundation's mascot... And she's a very energic mascot!

I do hope I'll be able to finish up the cumanimations of the Zoo part by sunday, but I can't say for sure. It takes me days to just make a few cumshots... I wish I knew of an easier process, but what can ya do. At least I don't have to worry about that for quite a while after I'm done with this!
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Can't wait!