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Latest news
And November has already almost passed? What the fuck? I thought it had just begun. All of this waiting is making me feel a bit down, I guess. I got a date to record new lines, but it was canceled last second. Now I don't know when I can get another chance. Bleh. I said I was going to make another loop too, ya? Well, I was going to use another artist's work as reference, but I wasn't really happy with how the Zu turned out. I tried to fix it myself, but I'm really shit with digital arts, and was unable to fix it myself. This is what the sketch looks like, and as you can see, Zu is very off-model.
I've asked for some help with fixing it up, but my art friends are all busy with their own stuff, so I haven't been able to start it up just yet.

My fingers can't rest when I have nothing to work on though. I've been sketching some, but haven't felt like cleaning any drawings up yet. I did however start sketching up a Rock n' Raz 7, so there's that to look forward to at least!

But enough depression, let me show off some art and a collab I've done!

Kiss the Kock, a cheeky Zara being all teasy and stuff.

You remember this old collab? Well, here's a follow up comic, Zara meets Sexecutioner!
It leads into mine and Guilliotine Gorilla's second collaboration!
Zara VS Sexecutioner!

He did most of the work though... Even so, it's a pretty big improvement over the last image! He and I will probably work together on some other stuff too in the future!

And to answer some questions about the flash and the voiceacting you've had: No, I can't release the flash without voices, since I need them to sync up animations for certain parts, and I don't want to release it in such a state. I know you might would want to see it as soon as possible without them and such, but you've got to be patient. I'm not delaying it on purpose, I'm also frustrated about not being able to finish it up. Releasing it unfinished would not make me feel good. I'm always extremely anxious when releasing a flash, so releasing it with missing parts would not help with that. And besides, if you knew what it looked like before those final things were added, I feel like it would ruin the experience of playing through the full thing. I really care about my projects, I put a lot of effort into them.

I'm not sure if my ramblings cleared anything up, I've always been pretty bad at expressing myself.
Anyway, I'm off to bed for now. We'll see what happens next week.
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