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Latest news
I was away over the weekend, so I procrastinated the update a little. Sorry 'bout that, heh heh.

A guy recently came to me, offering to help me out with some coding! I gave him the Ellie part of my farm project, so I canget a beta out soon. I'm not sure how skilled or fast he is, so I can't say when it'll be released. But I'm glad it's being worked on at least, I've yet to hear anything from Mittsies and the Lollo flash. Bleh.

Today, I've got some erotic fan fiction for you guys to read!

Beginning with Rudolph's Therapist!
It's a story about Sixten and Rudolf, written by FlamingFlamingo. Contains some gay stuff, if that wasn't obvious already. So for those who enjoyed Sixten's side of Rudolf's Revenge, perhaps this is right up your alley!

The other one, I had donate-commissioned from a guy almost two years ago, and he got to writing it just recently, hoahoa. Still faster than me finishing a flash.
Playing Stork!
Written by Jesse Graves, you can find more of his stuff here: Lisa's Nook on Tumblr. This one's about his character Lisa and Zu.

Give 'em some feedback or comments, I'm sure they're eager to see what people thought of their stories.

As for myself, I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a lot of things recently. It's been mostly bigger projects I've worked on.
I'll also be going to Japan for round 2 weeks on thursday, so the site won't be updated until I come back! But I'll try to be active when I can on our discord server and I'll make sure to post photos of our adventures on Twitter! I did it the last two times as well, so check that out if you're interested in what we can find and do.

And if that Ellie beta flash reaches playable state while I'm away, I'll make sure to try and find a way to get it to ya. Might want to look out on twitter and discord for that as well, if so.
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