Sorry for being late again. The combination of trying to change my sleep schedule, dealing with a attention seeking cat and having my sister around left me being either too tired or too busy to write an update. But now here I am, typin'!

Right now, I and Fallow are trying to get the Sofi part out for a second beta release! There's loads of bugs and tweaks that we need to fix up, but we're hoping to have one ready in a week or two maybe!

Been too busy to draw stuff again, but I've recieved a piece of fan art this week too!
Zara Virgin Killer, made by SyncedUp on our discord server! Thanks, it's very nice!

Well, until that beta release, the updates are going to be rather short, probably. See ya next week!
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I understand, please put your health before work! No need to make bad habits :D
hey bro where are you ?! we wait for your work !
"Sorry for being late again"

>Misses next deadline but nearly a week
Fahrenheit wrote:
Can we see a picture of your sister?
begone, creep-ass
Can we see a picture of your sister?
I can sympathize with changing sleeping schedule. It's never easy.