I know I said I would focus on drawing last week, but I managed to sketch more than I actually finished shit. Trying to draw things I'm not used to, so it takes a lot more effort to get things looking how I want.

But, a nice guy, Damien, helped me out with coding the that Ellie demo I've been having laying around for some time! So finally, I can show you guys this! I've been waiting for so long, gah!

Ellie Scene Beta Release!

Tell me what you think about it! The core animation won't be changed, but I might go in and touch up on a few things. Some things aren't done and there are is no sound yet, so keep that in mind.

And as for the Lollo flash, I and Mittsies made a deal. I'll help him out with a flash of his, and he's going to push through and finish up the remaining coding needed for the Lollo flash. So I'll be occupied with his project for a little while, just so ya know.
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This is awesome, I love the little details in the idles during each stage of the scene progressing. Super excited!
This is fuuucking nice! Like how everything looks, love seeing your girls get their bellies full of semen.
Looking good, it's cool that there are variations in each part of the loops if you wait, it's a nice addition of detail. Will the animations in the other parts of the flash have this as well?
Damn! I love the details to the animation. You are doing great RC!
I think the milking cups need to be wider, covering most or all of the areola, but the nipples should stretch into the glass with a nice rhythm. (maybe have a little bit of areola bordering the edge of the cup, which gets sucked in with each pump) I'd look to those old flashes by Besped for reference. This would probably require altering the zoom level a little, or allowing the camera to move down a bit (assuming this doesn't reveal unfinished art), but it'd really improve the milking aspect hugely. Great work, otherwise!
Huh, and here I thought ZZZ would be a prority since it's been in development fo so long
Damn, gotta tell it, you are in another fucking level, the details you add like when the horse cock miss her mouth it just make everything wonderful. Everything looks good by me here. I would look foward for a all the way through cum without pulling out.
Yes! Thanks for the hard work man. Can't wait for sound!
Damn dude, you've really stepped up your game this past year. If infrequent uploads is the price for flash work of this quality I'm prepared to wait.
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